Thursday, July 26, 2007

Start Your Engines

Dear Poet,

It's time to start those poems flying through the mail on postcard carpets!

Please note that the mailing list has been corrected and changed. Use the mailing list attached here (also below) as your final list. Discard your previous list.

To clarify a few points that came up.

On July 27th or 28th, start by writing and sending 3 postcard poems to the 3 people on the list whose names are just below yours. So if you are number 11, send to 12, 13 and 14. If you are number 29, send to 30, 31, and 1. That way all of us on the list will start receiving postcards on or about August 1st.

Keep sending cards, about 1 a day, in response to, or inspired by the postcard poems you receive, moving down the list in sequence until you've sent one card to each person.

To insure the postcard fest keeps moving, keep writing and sending poems no matter what. So, if for some reason, you have not received a poem postcard in the mail for 3 days, write one and send it to whoever is next on your list.

Also, please sign your name to your postcard poems so the recipient knows who it came from.

Remember the list has folks from other countries, so you'll need to go to the post office to check the postage on those cards. Also check the postage if you are mailing oversized cards.

Well, that should do it. Below the list, I've pasted the complete rules once again.

Also, please see Paul Nelson's wonderful website for this info on this August Poetry PostCard Fest and much more, like Organic Poetry, American Sentences and Global Voices Radio.

I'll be posting this info on my website also. Lana

Thanks for joining us on this adventure. If you have any questions, let us know. and

Play, have fun, and don't forget your sun screen,

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