Monday, July 27, 2009

Three Cards on Day 1

Great question by Katrina Roberts on Facebook:

hi paul --
i sent my first postcard today; was i supposed to send 3??

Paul Nelson
Today at 8:23pm
Yeah. This way there's a better chance someone will get one and have something to respond to/be inspired by on August 1 to continue the chain.

If you're on Facebook, please join the Poetry Postcard Group.


Beth said...

I got a late start on sending out my cards due to weather and technical difficulties. But now that I have begun, I noticed there was a typo in my address (there was a "q" where a "1" was supposed to be). I have fixed it, but now I'm sad to think I won't be getting many postcards... especially if people copy their list ahead of time. :-( Can a general announcement be made or something?

Diane G said...

Here it is August 10 and I've received a total of 3 postcards so far, which means I haven't been able to use "response" mode much. Not to received cards anyway - there's always real life, my usual suspect. Keep hoping for a flood of cards some one of these days . . . are other people having this experience, or am I in my very own postal Bermuda Triangle here?

Beth said...

Yes - that's my experience, too. So I've been just making it up as I go. I finally got 4 postcards yesterday all at once, so maybe I can now start the response thing. Hang in there. :)

Aisleigh said...

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