Friday, June 29, 2012

2012 August Poetry Postcard Fest

From Brendan McBreen:

for those of you familiar with the August Poetry Postcard series
you may know that it was started by Paul Nelson then passed to Lana Ayers
but this year Lana is busy with school work (fiction writing) and other projects

so I have been asked to compile the mailing lists this year

for those not familiar
the August Poetry Postcard fest works as such:
each participant receives a list of 31 names and addresses of other poets
and each day in August you write a poem on a postcard and send it to the person that follows your name on the list
so if you are number 4 on the list you start by mailing a postcard poem to number 5, and when you get to 31 you loop back to 1, 2, and 3
the idea is to respond to a postcard and poem you receive but send the response to the next person on the list
and the others on the list will do the same

in past years we have had participants from all over the globe, so be sure to be aware of international postage if it applies to your list

you can collect the postcards you send from anywhere, drug stores are good, Goodwill is a good place to find postcards, some people create their own postcards too, nice postcards are nice but the poetry is the purpose

also it is usually a good idea to begin sending postcards on the last few days of July just to be sure that people receive their cards by August

for those who wish to participate:
please email me your name and mailing address and email address
include August Postcard Poetry in the subject line

please note that I will not use any addresses for any reason other than this year's Poetry Postcard fest
and I urge everyone else to do likewise

Thank you!
Brendan McBreen

Striped Water Poets


WordFaery said...

I must be missing something. It's not clear to me what email address to use.

PineCone Correspondant said...

I'm not seeing an email address either.

Anonymous said...

What I found on Lana Ayers' Facebook page: "To get on the list email Brendan at".

I hope that's the right address Brendan!

peN said...

the info on the August Postcard blog does not include my email address!

the one I am using for this project is:

thanks a bunch!


WordFaery said...

Thank you!
I look forward to this every summer!

Dana Bennett said...

I can't thank you enough for doing this! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou..... :)

I've been looking online for this year's postcard poetry fest for 2 or 3 weeks now.



Mab Widdershins said...

I was just wondering why I hadn't heard anything from Paul. Okay!

Barbara Jean

Peggy Wolfson said...

I'm just wondering where to send my name and address for postcard poems. It says 'email it' and I can't find the email.

Kris Swanguarin said...

Put out the word on myblog. Hope we get more poets to fill out the list.

Linda H. said...

Is anyone else blogging about their participation in the August Poetry Postcard Fest? I just did. I'd be interested in reading others blog posts if there are any.