Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2010 August Poetry Postcard Call

Dear Poets,

The August Poetry Postcard Fest is taking sign-ups via the online system.

If you are ready to write a poem on a postcard everyday for the month of August sign up now. In addition to writing 31 wonderful poems yourself, you'll receive these wonderful postcards in your mailbox too.

Everyone who is interested will need to register online (even if you have participated in the past).

Your email will be your login and you choose a password.

Here's the link:

If you have any difficulty, email postcardpoetry@yahoo.com

Have a great time postcarding,


swedmore said...

Hi Lana! Thank you for keeping the August Poetry Fest going! I miss you! I loved "What Big Teeth!"! You are truly an inspired and creative writer! Hope I can see you again sometime!

Love, Suellen

Dana B. said...

I love this time of summer when the Poetry Fairy shows up - again! - and announces the August Poetry Postcard Fest. I think I did it the first year, 2007, and still have all the postcard poems I received. I treasure them all.
Lana, I did not know you were the co-creator of this event - how lucky we are to share the planet and your poetry with you! Thanks to Paul, too, and all the participants. -Dana