Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today's the day to start writing poems and mailing them out. Start with three to the people just below you on the list. When you get to the bottom of the list, resume at the top. Three today and one a day starting August 1, hopefully inspired in part by cards being sent to you. Writing as you would a postcard, but this is a poem. Have fun. See you in September. - Paul


K-Roll said...

greetings poetry lovers
i just joined (7/31) the Aug 2010 blog and will begin to mail today

thank you, Carol

Lisa said...

So... what now? Is there anyplace people can post some of what they came up with or received that they loved? I scanned all my outgoing cards, and it ended up being quite an interesting cross-section of my brain -- I'll probably put them up on my personal blog at some point, but I wondered if you had some kind of aggregate site (or if there was an address I could send a link to when I get it up).